Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our favorite babysitter came home from college for the summer so James and I got to go out last Saturday night. We had a nice kid-free 7 hours. We actually found ourselves with a 3 hour gap between dinner and a movie, and really didn't have much to do... we felt kinda lame... It wasn't SO bad... we ended up just going to the store and picked up a few things. I have to say though, even that was nice... not having to keep track of 4 munchkins. For dinner we did Red Lobster and tore through some delicious crab legs. I got a frozen drink (virgin, of course) and the bar tender made more than she needed... they brought me a HUGE glass - perfect size for us to share. It really was a nice dinner. After that (and then the store) we took in a 9:50 showing of 21. It was a good movie... we'd both recommend it. Normally we end up going to the 6 or 7 o'clock showing (with a lot of "old" people)... it was great to be out so late and to have our sitter home who is willing to stay at our house late. So we could have proof that we went out without the monkeys occasionally we took a couple of shots with my point and shoot. I'm thinking this will be our summer of kid-free time... it's nice to get out.
A tasty drink...
Alone :)

At the movies...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday evening I finally finished clearing our junk out of one side of our basement so I can start using it as studio space for pictures. I have since gotten my stuff up (lights, backdrops, etc.) and all is a-go. Here are a few shots we took while adjusting the lighting, etc.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pretty and Pregnant

Last Thursday I had the chance to spend and evening taking some maternity shots for some adorable sisters who are both having babies this summer. It was a crazy windy and cloudy night, but we had so much fun. I loved seeing how close these sisters are. How fun it will be for the little cousins to be so close in age. I had a hard time picking only a few pics, so here are several. Thanks to both of you for spending your evening with me and giving me the chance to work with you. You're great! Enjoy! You'll be getting the rest next time I see you (I brought them by YW tonight, but you weren't around - I'll get them to you soon).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nothing beats Mitchells

I know that every different area has an ice cream shop that they claim is the best... well, for those of us who have been around our area and have tried Cleveland's own Mitchell's Ice Cream we know it's the best. Kate got Mitchell's bucks as a favor at a recent birthday party she went to so we decided to indulge for family night. It was excellent... as always!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Breakfast of Champions???

This morning Joshua was having a hard time picking what to eat. After letting him think on it for a while I asked if he knew what he wanted... here's how it went...

Me: Did you decide what you want to eat?
Josh: Yes, I want tires.
Me: Tires?
Josh: Yes, tires.
Me: Tires like on our car?
Josh: Yes... (he pauses) but they are small (he's holding his fingers close together)... (another pause) and you can eat them.

Hrmmm... Nothing like a bowl of tires to start the day.