Monday, July 21, 2008

The kids 1st concert... and, No... it wasn't the Wiggles

Friday night we went downtown Cleveland to the Dew Tour. Unfortunately we got there too late for the actual events, but the Plain White Ts were playing a show. We were pretty excited about taking the monkeys to their first concert... they all liked it (except for Ben, perhaps, who fell asleep half way through - even Josh started fading). The cover band was some Metallica-type inspired band of kids (their website said 13 yr olds, but they must be older now) out of Oklahoma... They were actually pretty good... I'm still shocked to read that they are young... They sound like they really know their stuff. These guys were the typical loud headbanger type of band... Caleb came up to me after they were done and looked like he was considering something... he said, "Did you like them, Mom?" I looked at him (he was so cute and softspoken) and said, "Yeah, I did... I thought it was pretty cool." He smiled and said, "Me too." Too cute! :) Anyhow, after a LONG set change up the Plain White Ts came on. The kids were way excited to hear Hey There Delila (they listen to it almost every night in their rooms), but, alas, for some reason they didn't play it. We did, however, get to hear some great new stuff that is coming out in the fall... Looking forward to that album. We stuck around until about 11:05 (it was planned to end at 11) and figured the kids all looked tired enough... So, perhaps they did play Delila, but we missed the last song or two so we'll never know. The kids loved it. I'm glad we took them and now look forward to going to more shows with them. They love music so much - why not let them enjoy it up close and personal.

On to the annoying part... I just got my new beauty of a camera (EXCITING NEWS ON THAT TO COME... STAY TUNED) and lens in the mail that afternoon and was SO looking forward to bringing it downtown to catch some of the fans and athletes in action... Well, we parked and walked all the way down, bought our tickets and were then told that we couldn't have a camera with a detachable lens... UGH! SO stinking frustating! James took the kids in and I ended up taking the long walk back to the car to hide it under the seat so I could make it back for the show (all the while hoping beyond hope that no one would break into our car)... Half way back it dawned on me that I should have gotten my point & shoot out of my purse... Well, I was not going back (I already had a blister from my sandles - ones I wear all the time, I might add - which have NEVER given me even a hint of a blister)... I had my iPhone on me and those pics would just have to do (I mean, hey, our first digital camera was even worse quality than the iPhone camera - Crazy)... So, all that frustration out, here are a few (not stellar quality) pics of our fun night.

Hanging out before the shows...

(not a fan of this pic of me, but had to not only be the one behind the camera)

We had a nice comfy seat on the lawn with a good view...

And to top it all off - it was a BEAUTIFUL night!