Friday, June 27, 2008

Grandpa's visit

Grandpa Wilson came to visit for a few days. We had a good time with him here. The kids LOVE having him around. They have so much fun with him and would love to see him more (*hint, hint*) We kept him busy by taking him to the Westlake Rec Center pool, the West Side Market (no pics of that :( - not sure why I didn't take any), playing out back, playing games, making Sushi, and watching both National Treasures. Caleb also had a baseball game while he was here... that was great... it was the first time in the two years that he has played sports that we have had anyone but us go see him play... he was beyond thrilled.

Always the entertainer... reading to the kids (one of the things the kids LOVE to do with him)


A cute one of Ben

Baseball with Joshua

Westlake Rec Center - 100% worth being a member of... there are tons of pools, it is often quite empty, and it is LOADS of fun... a great family activity

The awesome slides... Caleb is lucky enough to be tall enough... the other kids are still a few years off... the slides are great!

This is the tot pool... there is a pirate ship slide, the coconuts fill up with water and dump out, the ropes in the background open the shower-type spouts above, and all the other water that comes from the pipes can be adjusted with little wheel cranks... it is a fun little place.

First time on a Wii...

Watching the movies... Kate loves to cuddle with Grandpa.

Making sushi... Very tasty! :) First time for Grandpa... he LOVED it!

Good-bye hugs... Come again soon!


Chatty Family said...

What awesome pictures and wonderful memories for your kids!

Waters said...

Your dad looks like the coolest guy, and so active! He makes sushi and thats even more awsome!!!!!!! Its so great that he was able to visit you guys.

OMA AND OPA said...

How fun to see you all again!! I just happened to be looking for someone on Kara and Robies blog list and saw your name. How did you get there?? How do you know them other than when you lived in Boise? It was good to see your dad. You took some great pictures. Tell him hello from us Mickelsen's. Now I will check out your blog more often and see that the other kids know you are there. Love ya, sis Linda

OMA AND OPA said...

Ok, so I am blond! I saw your blog on Rachel and Kyle's blog not the Walkers. I just had too many opened up I guess. Fun to look and check you out anyway. Glad I found you again. Love ya, cute kids again.